Thought of the Month - Pat Summitt and Title IX Share Milestones in June 2022

The summer of 2022 provided two monumental opportunities to reflect on the journey of women’s athletics over the last 50 years. In June 2022, Title IX celebrated 50 years and is, undoubtedly, the single most important piece of legislation ever written for female athletes in the United States.

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Thought of the Month - Get a Coach

Pat Conroy was an award-winning author well known for his work particularly focused in the southeast United States. However, before becoming a household name for his literary abilities, he was a college basketball player. In a rare deviation from his normal topics, Conroy wrote a non-fiction book about his four years of college ball.

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Thought of the Month - The Bees and the Flies

I was recently talking to an accomplished athlete who was struggling to perform some of the fundamentals of their sport. After they spent a few minutes breaking down their technique into fine detail with me, I encouraged them to forget it all. “You’re overthinking this,” I told them. “Your own mind is interfering with your ability to let your body do its job.”

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