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The mission of FSU COACH is to prepare and equip athletic coaches and sports professionals at all levels with evidence-based education and research that informs and improves their coaching.

Coaches often receive little training and support when it comes to professional development and performance improvement. They may rely on their experiences as athletes to be successful. FSU COACH is dedicated to using research and scientific knowledge to help coaches become better at what they do so that their athletes are more successful within and external to their sport.


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FSU's online Master’s in Athletic Coaching has been designed by coaches for coaches. Our goal is to provide current and future coaches and sports professionals with current knowledge and best practices that are based on experience and research. The program can be completed in as little as a year or can be taken over a longer period of time. Out of state and international students may be eligible for our new $12,000 scholarship. Click here to learn more about the Master's program.

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This program is offered to anyone who has a college degree. Students must take four classes. The online certificate can be completed in one year. Click here to learn more.

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Topics vary often based on grant and contract funding (i.e., we conduct projects based on what a sports organization needs help with). An ongoing project is a grant with the NCAA to develop educational support for international student-athletes.

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We coach coaches by advising them on best practices for their respective level (e.g., amateur, collegiate, professional) and sport. Examples include direct instruction on specific topics, spending time with and observing the coach, or through more formal assessment methods.

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On a broader scale, we collaborate with experts across coaching to create and run coach development programs and clinics, either online or face-to-face on requested topics.

  • Tony Katzenmeier

    "Although the center provides education, research, and support for coaches, I think anyone working in sports could benefit from learning how to work with and support coaches more effectively.”

  • Sarah Buckley

    "I’m not just earning a certificate; this program is making me a better coach and leader.” ~ Graduate Assistant, FSU Women’s Soccer

  • Xavier Vega, M.Ed.

    “There is more to coaching than just X’s and O’s. Completing this certificate has helped me understand the complexities of this profession. It was challenging and eye-opening how much more I needed to and could improve. I recommend this program for any coach truly looking to bring out their best."

  • Micah Kurtz, MS, CSCS*D, RSCC*D

    "The FSU Coach program is an amazing resource for anyone interested in the betterment of their future. The faculty have done a great job a providing practical applications and principles for coaches to apply to anyone they are in contact with."

  • Dr. Chris Hobbs

    "In my extensive research of the science of athletic coaching, efforts to formally improve one's self are a consistent theme among great coaches. The program at FSU is one of those programs that can help aspiring coaches to sharpen their skills and move themselves towards greatness."

  • Don Showalter

    "FSU Coach has done an unbelievable job of helping coaches improve their craft through many different methods." ~ USA Basketball Director of Coach Development/Men’s Junior National Team Coach

  • Coach Kyle Stevenson

    " What better way to learn how to coach than from coaches? " Director of Cross Country and Track and Field, Georgia State University

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