Research and Projects


We are passionate about conducting research that drives the future of the coaching profession. Working with faculty across colleges, FSU Athletics, and organizations external to the university, we have and continue to develop research and grant funding that provides a direct impact on the coaching profession.

We also work with organizations external to support their coaching development needs, whether through research or education. Examples include providing educational clinics, evaluating and assisting coaching staff with expert content, or creating educational materials.

Recent examples of research and other projects completed by members of the Center (in bold) include:


  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of the Orientation for International Student Athletes (OISA). This is a grant project with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to develop a college course specifically for international student athletes entering the US education system.
  • Development of a camp-based activity curriculum for youth wrestlers. This was a grant through the National Wrestling Hall of Fame to develop programming that incorporated educational material across school subjects (e.g., match, science, English, art) into a wrestling camp program.



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Research and Writing

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